Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weapon of Choice

And I swear to God, the first person to reference Fatboy Slim or Christopher Walken gets a virtual punch to the jaw.

General information dump time. Unfortunately, zerombr, this house never had a wooden baseball bat in it. The only wooden thing around (and, consequently, my only main weapon) is a cheap little wooden sword that Current BFF got at Ye Olde Ren Faire a couple years back. Doodled a symbol on the hilt so if It does show up (Heaven forbid), I won't be unarmed.

Zeke tried shooting it, right? My father showed me his guns. The only problem is that his pistols are both magnums. And the only one with ammo is a .357 revolver that would probably break both my arms if I tried to fire it. So, I'm fucked there. (Also: what the hell's up with your newest post, Zeke? Are you talking about the Sages or the workout guys?)

Positive thinking. Always positive thinking. Gotta stay positive in bleak times or when you're just being kind of paranoid. Staying positive is the difference between a guy at the base of a mountain and a guy dead at the peak.

...What the hell. Make with the Fatboy Slim references now if you want to.


  1. mmh, well it's a thought. Just something malleable that you could carve an operator symbol into. Sage showed that drawing a symbol with the proper 'substance'; which I do not implore you to go seek, can cause it pain. so perhaps walloping him with a two by four that you carved into might do some good as well, not that you'd want melee as a first choice of course.

    Zeke *claimed* the gunshot didn't do any damage to him, but we all know that he didn't get the slug, so who knows if firearms really work.

  2. I went for an iron crowbar myself. But then I'm a mythology geek, and iron smashes faeries. So on the off chance that it turns out he's a malevolent picstie looking for his lucky charms... As a Brit, I'm against firearms in general. But not when used against things with no faces. So fire away, my American comrades!

    I kinda wanna try hitting Tall Dark and Faceless with a baseball bat. But I'm a college student, and health insurance is expensive.

    Maybe a pressurized hose would work on him.

  3. well, the fire extinguisher worked for Sage. Maybe it's some sort of 'anti fog' to him, since it's all chemical based as opposed to his own brand.

  4. I might just try a aluminum baseball bat on the Canadian Slenderman. At least that might put him down.