Monday, November 15, 2010

Koi wa Sensou

Cure. Can we really do it? Can I...? I think I can.

I'm not a mouse. Not blind. I came into this willingly, wanting to help someone. To help everyone. For being the younger sister, I sure act like I'm the older one, huh? ...Stupid, I know. But I'm not meek. Track record or not, I'll find a way. Some way. Something. Somehow.

I'm not sick any more. The cold is gone.

Ready to get to work.

Geigeki youi.


  1. For me, Amelia, I go with my instincts. I make myself aware of all the clues that I can, and I just let the puzzle come together. It may work for you as well.

    Glad to see you're better.

  2. Amelia (Sage)-
    Zero sent me.
    One of his latest contacts.
    You can call me Jeff(Keeper).

    Sandra from H(a)unting just had some major shit go down.

    What do you know about the song Dark Woods Circus?

    A Keeper

  3. Dark Woods Circus is a Vocaloid song about a circus in the woods. It has many strange and deformed performers, but the one to focus on is "the deformed diva". She asks during the song if anyone wishes that she were alive.

    It's... a pretty bleak song, and the diva's story only gets sadder (and stranger) with each sequel. If you want the full story, here's the songs (the composer hasn't revealed the correct order yet):

    Steel Cage Princess
    Dark Woods Circus
    Blue Ice Castle
    Red Swamp Bottom
    Guard and Scythe