Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Assassin Named... Alice Twilight

...My folks haven't come back from work yet, and it's pitch-black out there. Cold, too. Dad sent a message saying he was sneaking out before his bosses could grab him for another meeting. That was hours ago.

Trying to keep the mood up by playing music, keeping the lights on, cooking my favorite food. Little things like that. I haven't been home alone at night since...

No. No, they're okay. Mom's probably at yoga and Dad probably got kept late to work on some code. They'll come home soon. They've gotta come home soon. It'll be fine. Yeah. It'll be-

Hark! ('Hark"? Wow, I'm nerdy.) I hear the kitchen door being opened. That's probably Dad. I'll go yell at him for being this late. Be right back!


  1. It was a fucking AGENT. It had my Dad's keys! I hit it with a skillet and locked it in the storage closet after checking under the mask.

    It was my dad's office-mate. Son of a BITCH!! I talked about samurai movies with that guy last week, for fuck's sake!

    What the hell do I do now? My dad's not picking up his cell.

  2. Get somewhere safe, first off. Please.

  3. Gonna get out of here. Who knows if the guy made copies of the house keys? I don't know where I'll go.

    Getting out's the more important bit. I'll figure out the "where" afterwards.

  4. Are you saying a follower of him was able to keep a desk job?

    Well, how pleasant for that guy.

  5. I don't think so? He... fuck,it must've just happened. The guy was NORMAL. Been working with my father since I was in middle school.

    Dad said that the guy'd been calling in sick for the past week or so. Must've gotten turned then.

  6. Zero is being reckless he just said he is going to save Nessa god I hope he comes back safely.

  7. You and me both. He won't go outside. He's not that reckless. He'll find a way to save Nessa. We all will.

  8. He did.

    Damn it, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys.