Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Night of the Hunter

I saw It.

Yesterday, my folks were late getting home. I was alone. It got dark. I was outside tossing something into the garbage bin when the security lights snapped on next door. Thought it was my neighbor's daughter; she's been looking after the house since he passed away.

It wasn't her. It was too tall, too thin, dressed in black. ...I saw It standing barely in the light's range, staring at my house. Staring at me.

Ran inside, bolted all the doors, grabbed an old aluminum softball bat, turned on all the lights. My folks came home an hour later.

I'm pretty sure what I saw was It. The... you know. I can't be sure. It was dark and whatever It was wasn't standing fully in the light. But if I see It again... if I spot It... then I might as well kiss my rear goodbye.


  1. Preemptively giving in is not a good option. Stay strong.

    Stay safe.

  2. Time to put up the symbols. might I suggest having the symbol on a baseball bat? Might have some use.

    I've got a theory or two on how to off this thing, not that I've been visited yet.