Friday, October 8, 2010


God damn it. Jay.


You son of a bitch. Are you satisfied yet? All those people, all this misery. What do you want? Well? Answer if you can, whatever you are. Explain this!

Shouldn't be so angry. I know I shouldn't be asking these questions. That's just daring It to show up and terrify the crap out of me.

But It took Jay. It took him and It might take Zeke and Robert and Shaun and Damsel and...

I'm worried.


  1. It will not take me, Amelia, I promise. I'm stronger, I'll go when I want to go. And I ain't going yet. ;)

    Peace out,

  2. Damsel is to good at this game to go this easily.
    Robert and Shaun are tough nuts and good at evading the bastard.
    As for Zeke, he's been to hell and back, don't you worry about him.
    Keep yourself safe.