Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Getting cooler here. Summer's over now for sure. Fall. ...The 26th isn't that far away now. Wonder what I'll be doing that day. Probably the same thing as always: studying about CPUs and overclocking and virtual memory.

And two men will be in the air, flying on borrowed wings away from a threat that has no face and a name I won't speak. It exists. I believe what Robert and Shaun and Jay (God rest his soul) said. It exists. The thing in the suit that has no face.

And will It come to one of us, I wonder? It's stalking the guys. Who's to say It won't start pursuing one of the commentators next? ...Bah. I shouldn't think about that. Cross that bridge when and if it comes to that. If It comes to that.

...This is why I don't stay up late. Now you know.

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