Monday, September 27, 2010


Been reading ZS and Sage's blogs recently. Don't ask me why I chose to follow this particular rabbit hole; any answer I come up with's just going to sound like excuses for dumb curiosity. But here's what I wonder: the masks.

"Agents" (the term Sage uses; "Masky" is the one who pops up in MH) always seem to wear masks . Are they trying to look more like the Tall Man? Or is it a coping mechanism, a way to distance what's left of their psyche from Its influence? Not a psychology major, so I don't know. Should probably pop by and ask Sage. ...Heh. Yeah, that'll go over well. "Hey Mr. Sage, can you explain this theory to a random stranger?"

At least ZS is okay. That last post had me worried that he'd been turned into an "Agent" like that Conaghan guy he wrote about. Now that would be a downer. From hero to pawn in one easy step.

I've rambled enough. Life goes on outside of Wonderland, and comp sci waits for no man.

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